Yuasa YB10L-B2 / YB10L-B2-BS 12V Yumicron Battery
Capacité à 20h (C20): 11.6 CCA à -18°C: 120


YuMicron batteries are designed to meet the special demands of personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs. Dependable power, reduced maintenance and longer life plus a unique power boosting design makes the range ideal for touring bikes and modified vehicles.

  • High cranking power - constructed with special thin plate separators
  • Low maintenance, water loss & self-discharge with easy access vent plug design
  • Heavy-duty glass mat technology for high vibration resistance
  • Heat sealed case to protect against seepage & corrosion
Tech Spec

Informations supplémentaires

Type de pack DC
Capacité à 10h 11
Capacité à 20h (C20) 11.6
Poids avec acide (kg) 4
Volume d'acide (litre) 0.8
Courant de charge (Ampères) 1.1
Longueur (mm) 135
Largeur (mm) 90
Hauteur (mm) 145
NCC Class N/A
Feature Range YuMicron
Terminal Type
Assembly Figure